We are excited to announce that after 20 incredible years, Stun... is now... Known. Known unites the creative excellence of Stun, with the brilliant data science, research and strategy of Schireson Associates and Blackbird. This new entity is truly the result of years working in the ad industry and listening to marketers' needs — and hearing their growing dissatisfaction with their options.
The vision for Known is to build a services company for what marketers need in 2020, not 20 years ago. That means putting data science at the center of everything we do. That means creative work that is informed by analytics as much as art.
That means brand strategy that drives marketers’ businesses forward. All these disciplines are designed to work seamlessly, without compromises or silos.
What happens next? Awesome things! We are still going to provide the same level of work and services our clients are accustomed to. But now, with all of Known's capabilities, we are becoming even stronger and more innovative, and our results that much more powerful.
We couldn’t be more excited!
Mark Feldstein & Brad Roth
Principals + Founders

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